LB Series

Compact, light, and tough frame for heavy-duty applications


  • Smaller, lighter, stronger

  • Prioritizing safety, operability, and ruggedness so that the LB series performs well under the toughest field conditions

  • Designed for all applications in professional fields such as transportation, bridges, general construction, civil engineering, shipbuilding, and forestry.

  • KITO original free chain adjusting mechanism

Capacity 0.8 to 9t
Standard Lift 1.5 m
-40 to +60℃

Product Specification

Much Lighter and Tougher,

360° VIEW

*The model shown may differ from the specifications of your country. Product features vary by market. Some product features may therefore differ from the model shown. Please contact your respective contact person for information specific to your market and country.

Smaller, Lighter, Stronger

We use double-reduction gearing and a patented induction-hardening process to produce load-bearing parts that reduce the weight and size of hoists while improving overall strength. Consequently, less hand force is required for operation and portability is improved.

Nickel-plated Super-strong Load Chain (Breaking Stress of 1000 N/㎟)

Abrasion- and corrosion-resistant, plated load chain grade V (high breaking strength of 1,000 N/mm²)

Super-strong Frame

A patented induction-hardening process used to produce load-bearing parts makes the frame stronger and more rigid. The high-impact steel housing has a weight similar to aluminum due to the compact design.

Increased Lever Strength

A new shape and thicker material creates a very strong lever handle.

Hook Latch with Safety Mechanism

The thicker material strengthens the latch, which engages with the tip of the hook for secure closure.


Hooks are forged from super-strong alloy steel allowing the use of smaller and lighter hooks with larger capacities – from 2.5 to 9 ton.

Reliable (Mechanical) Brake

Delivers excellent performance thanks to a brake design incorporating two moisture-resistant, asbestos-free brake pads and four braking surfaces. Includes two brake pawls for added reliability.

Cap Nuts Used for Easier Maintenance

Cap nuts are used to fasten the gear case and brake cover protecting the screw from damage and facilitating maintenance.

KITO Original Free Chain Adjusting Mechanism

Use the free knob to swiftly and easily adjust the chain. A unique design helps prevent inadvertent freewheeling under load.

Bottom Yoke with Safety Guard

Features a guard protecting the chain pin and nut from damage, enhancing safety.

Specification of products may differ depending on your location. 

Please contact KITO and KITO's global partners for more information.

Specifications & Dimensions


*Major capacities example. For more information, please refer to Product Catalog.


Standard Lift
Hand-pull to
Lift Full Load
(N) [kg]
Load Chain
Dia ×
Chain Fall
(Net Weight)*1
LB008 0.8 1.5 284[29] 5.6×1 5.7
LB010 1 1.5 353[36] 5.6×1 5.9
LB016 1.6 1.5 333*2 [34]


LB025 2.5 1.5 363*2 [37] 8.8×1 11.2
LB032 3.2 1.5 363*2 [37] 10×1 15
The load-lifting height can be set according to the user's application. However, no addition to the chain to increase the length is possible as KITO chains are heat treated. When ordering, specify the length of chain in advance or consult with KITO and KITO's global partners.

*1 The mass (Net Weight) is for the standard load-lifting height.
*2 Does not accord with EN13157
Dimensions (mm)
*Major capacities example. For more information, please refer to Product Catalog.
Code a b C D e
LB008 144 119 280 245 97
LB010 144 119 300 245 97
LB016 159 126 335 265 100
LB025 173 150 375 265 102
LB032 190 159 395 415 112
  • Please see the catalog for detailed measurements.


Self-Locking Hook

Overload Limiter

Attempting to lift an excessive load will trigger the overload limiter and cause the lever to slip, preventing breakage of the hoist body. This device improves operator safety and the hoist’s durability.

KITO Load Signal

Alerts the operator when the hoist is used to lift loads beyond its rated capacity. The alert is indicated by the green signal changing to red, the handle deflecting 15 degrees, and an audible click.

Hook for Special Tip-loading Applications

The hook is cut with a special tip, allowing it to hook on the edge of steel plates and making it suitable for certain shipbuilding or plate working applications. (Unsuitable for general load-holding, raising, or lifting applications - use standard hook instead).

Specification of products may differ depending on your location. 

Please contact KITO and KITO's global partners for more information.

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