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  • The hoist is suspended from the traveling rail (I-beam) fixed to the building ceiling rafters.
  • Because the traveling rail location and span can be freely chosen, the crane can be designed to suit production line processes.。
  • The detachable design for the track wheel and its axle reduces installation and maintenance time.
  • A dual-speed type, as well as a urethane wheel type, is available to reduce travel noise and vibration.

Specifications & Dimensions

Single Girder Low-head Traveling Cranes

The low-head crane is suspended from the traveling rail (I-beam) which is fixed to the ceiling rafters of the building.

Single Speed Crane

This crane employs geared motors specially designed by KITO to ensure smooth starts and stops. It is suited for general work.

Dual Speed Crane

This crane is capable of push button-controlled speed shift between low and high speed (reduction ratio of 4:1). It is suited for work requiring varied speed operation.

Manual Geared Type Crane

This manual geared type crane balances travel smoothly by synchronizing the driving wheels on both sides. With a relatively shorter travel distance, it is suited for low frequency work.

Manual Plain Type (Low-head Only)

This is the simplest manual type of crane and lifting and traveling are operated by hand. It is suited for light work.

Urethane Wheel Type Low-head Traveling Crane (Single Girder)

There is a urethane wheel type crane that effectively reduces noise and vibration in travel. It is recommended for factories near residential areas, duplex office-homes and for operation at night. Running urethane wheels on the top flange of the H-beam reduces noise and vibration in travel with these cranes, it is not necessary to install a light rail thus reducing on installation costs and time.


Specification of products may differ depending on your location. 

Please contact KITO and KITO's global partners for more information.

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