CB Series

Durable and reliable, this ultra-light hoist can be operated with minimum manual power.


  • Lighter, smaller, and more efficient, these hoists are invaluable for lifting applications.
  • A high-class load chain with a breaking strength of        1000 N/㎟ (100 kgf/㎟) is key to reliable and safe operation.
  • The dry-type braking mechanism provides excellent performance.
  • Shock-resistant gear case and hand wheel cover
  • Double-pawl spring mechanism for extra reliability

Capacity 0.5t to 50 t
Standard Lift 2.5 m (0.5 to 1.5 t), 3.0 m (2 to 5 t),
3.5 m (7.5 to 50 t)
-40℃ to +60℃

Product Specification

Standard Specification

Optimal Design with Unrivaled Efficiency and Reliability MODEL M3

360° VIEW

*The model shown may differ from the specifications of your country. Product features vary by market. Some product features may therefore differ from the model shown. Please contact your respective contact person for information specific to your market and country.

Gear Case and Hand Wheel Cover are Resistant to External

Both sides of the hoist are covered with a thick steel gear case and reinforced wheel cover. These critical components are ideally shaped and highly rigid to maintain bearing alignment and withstand external shock.

Double-pawl Spring Mechanism for Extra Reliability

Even if one of the pawl springs gets damaged, the other continues functioning, ensuring reliable operation.

Easy-to-use Hooks

Specially heat-treated top and bottom hooks are strong and durable enough for the toughest of jobs. The design of the bottom hook, with relatively large dimensions, makes it easy to stabilize a load in the proper position.

Load Chain Guide Mechanism for Smoother Operation

A chain guide mechanism for the flanged load sheave and guide roller facilitate smooth movement of the load chain.

Stopper Prevents Excessive Lowering

The stopper assembly prevents excessive lowering of loads and keeps the load chain from coming off when over-lowered.

Double Enclosure to Seal Out Rainwater and Dust

The braking mechanism is enclosed in a double cover: the wheel and brake covers. These protective covers not only keep out external weather elements but also help prevent ingress of mud and dust into the internal mechanisms.

Secure and Reliable Mechanical Brake

KITO's dry-type asbestos-free mechanical brakes ensure strong braking performance.

Bearing Mechanism Increases Mechanical Efficiency

Unique ball and needle bearings provide a remarkable boost to mechanical efficiency; generating high output power with minimum manual input.

Highly Accurate and Durable Gears

Years of R&D have resulted in KITO's successful development of compact yet highly efficient and durable gears.

High Strength Load Chain

The load chain is made of an exclusively developed, heat-treated special steel alloy. The special steel is carefully selected and processed entirely at KITO's fully automated production facilities under the most stringent quality control. Thus, all KITO chains for manual hoist offer the same high breaking stress of 1000 N/㎟ (100 kgf/㎟), providing outstanding quality in terms of toughness and resistance to wear and corrosion.

Specification of products may differ depending on your location. 

Please contact KITO and KITO's global partners for more information.

Specifications & Dimensions

With Hook Suspension

*Major capacities example. For more information, please refer to Product Catalog.
Code Capacity
Hand Chain
Load Chain
Dia. ×
Chain Fall
(Net Weight)
CB005 0.5 2.5 2.5 5.0×1 10
CB010 1 6.3×1 11.5
CB015 1.6 7.1×1 14.5
CB020 2 3 3 8.0×1 20


7.1×2 24
  • Other capacities are available upon request.
  • Any lift of chain is available upon request.
  • As KITO chains are heat-treated, splicing of the load chain is prohibited.

  • When ordering, specify the lifting height.

  • Chain falls vary depending on the capacity of each hoist.

Dimensions (mm)
*Major capacities example. For more information, please refer to
Product Catalog.
Code Capacity (t) Headroom: C a b d
CB005 0.5 285 158 161 2500
CB010 1 295 162
CB015 1.5 350 171 182
CB020 2 375 182 202 3000
CB030 3 510 171 235 3100


Self-Locking Hook

Chain Container

In case the load chain on the no-load side hinders work when the load is raised, it can be kept in a chain container attached to the chain hoist. Both steel and canvas chain containers are available upon request.

Overload Protection Device (OLL)

The hoist overload limiter protects the hoist mechanism from damage due to overloading. When the hoist is overloaded, the overload limiter is triggered and the lifting process stops.

Specification of products may differ depending on your location. 

Please contact KITO and KITO's global partners for more information.

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