Chain Sling
Chain Sling 100 [S5 Series]

Supporting Ideal Lifting Work with Outstanding Quality


  • KITO link chain grade 10 achieves the world's strongest level.

  • Wide range of variations allow selection of the optimum combination for any application.

  • High product quality realizes safe and highly efficient work.

  • Advanced chain manufacturing technologies realize outstanding ultimate elongation.

  • Achievement of outstanding economic efficiency due to the high wear resistance.

Product Specifications

KITO's Sling Chain is High Quality as same as Load Chain used with Hoits.

Advanced Chain Manufacturing Technologies Realize Outstanding Link Chains

[Ultimate Elongation]
KITO link chains have both a high breaking stress and toughness due to the advanced chain manufacturing technologies that are utilized. This is verified by the numerical value of 20% or more achieved for the ultimate elongation based on the JIS standards requirements.

[Bending Capacity]
Concerning the strength in the link bending directin, the use of advanced welding technologies gives the links sufficient absorbability as shown by the photograph (below) of the result of beding test, and no breakage or cracking occours. (However, this does not indicate that the product should be used until it reaches the condition shown in the photograph.)

Wide Range of Variations allow Selection of the Optimum Combination for Any Application

Standard link chains are provided in various diameters from φ6.0 mm to φ20.0 mm to support work lifting heavy and large-sized objects. The link chain and fitting combinations offer clevis-type products with exclusive retaining pins, and eye-type products which use Hi-couplings. Since a wide range of fittings are also available, it is possible to freely select from among single leg, double leg, triple leg, quadruple leg, and endless types to match the usage purpose.

"Adjustment of Length" can be made, which is not Possible when Using Wires

Chain sling can have their lengths adjusted in single link units to conduct load tilt adjustment or quickly change the sling length, which is not possible when using wires. Depending on the application, the shortening clutch (VWW) or grab hook (VGG, HGG) should be used.

When the load will not change for a certain period, use the shortening Clutch (VWW).
This has a chain dropout prevention function so that the chain will not drop out unexpectedly. Once the length has been set, work can be conducted repeatedly.

When the load changes frequently, use the Grab Hook (VFF, HGG).
Because attaching and detaching is easy, length adjustment can be swiftly conducted even if the load changes.

Allows Use Even in Severe Working Environments

The KITO Chain Sling 100 [S5 Series] is actively utilized even in severe working environments. Nickel-plated chain specifications, which are resistant to rusting are recomended for environments that are greatly affected by rainwater, seawater, steam and chemicals. Please consult KITO when you intend to use products for special applications such as in acid or alkaline solutions.

Specification of products may differ depending on your location. 

Please contact KITO and KITO's global partners for more information.

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