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Dec. 25. 2017

Industrial hoist and crane maker Kito Corporation (Head office: Nakakoma-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture;
President: Yoshio Kito) will begin offering its new PK Radio Remote Control System Series in Japan on
Thursday, January 4, 2018. Featuring a receiver one-third the size and weight of the previous version,
the remote-control system for hoists and ceiling-mounted cranes can be installed anywhere. The
battery-powered transmitter can be used continuously for 150 hours on a single charge, 3.7 times the
capacity of the previous model.
The system comes with both standard and rechargeable battery packs to allow the user to choose the
best power source for the operating environment. The receiver is pre-wired to significantly reduce 
installation time.

Main features

- 2.4GHz
* Several remote control systems can be operated on a single channel.
* Low power demand conserves energy.
- Wide variation
* Easier installation with pre-wired receiver.
* Reduced weight reduces load on the crane system.
- Two power-source choices to suit the work environment
* Transmitter offers choice of standard or rechargeable batteries.
* 100 continuous hours of continuous operation on standard battery alone.

Lineup and recommended retail prices (before tax)

PK09DB1: Single- or two-speed model (without extra transmitter) 142,100 yen
PK09DB2: Single- or two-speed model (with extra transmitter) 173,300 yen

Release date

Thursday, January 4, 2018

For inquiries about this release contact:

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Kito Introduces PK Radio Remote Control System Series

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