Product in use Apr. 26. 2017 Kito Delivers 40 Wheel Blocks to Sumitomo Heavy Industries Material Handling Systems
Products Mar. 21. 2017 Kito Develops New "Kento-kun" for Construction Sites
Others Dec. 15. 2016 Notice of the New Year's Holidays
Product in use Dec. 02. 2016 3,000 units of KITO CB that can freely manipulate pipes!
News Oct. 24. 2016 Notice of Autumn Holiday
News Oct. 18. 2016 Kito to Open Sales of New RY Wire Rope Hoists in Brazil
Product in use Oct. 14. 2016 Lever Hoists L5 were used to secure a huge pedestrian deck of 160 tons in the transport vehicle
News Oct. 06. 2016 Kito Signs On to Sponsor JAPAN Para-Ski Federation
Product in use Sep. 16. 2016 Kito introduced a Large Jib Crane & Wire Rope Hoist to an Aluminum Parts Manufacturer
News Sep. 13. 2016 Check Out New Promotion Movie of RY Series Wire Rope Hoist !
Products Sep. 05. 2016 Kito to Add 5-tonne Model to RY Series Wire Rope Hoist
Product in use Aug. 26. 2016 Kito's Electric Chain Hoists Introduced to a Red Bean Paste Factory
Products Aug. 10. 2016 Sales of Kito RY Wire Rope Hoists Top 100
Product in use Jul. 29. 2016 Kito Delivered more than 40 Jib Cranes and EQ Electric Chain Hoists to a Cargo Oil Pump and Turbine Manufacturer
IR Jul. 22. 2016 Notice of Change of the Company Name of an Affiliate
Others Jul. 13. 2016 Summer Holiday Notice
Company Jun. 30. 2016 Kito released new page of Corporate Governance
IR Jun. 30. 2016 Business Report for the Year Ended March 31, 2016
IR Jun. 30. 2016 Matters concerning Controlling Shareholders


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